K-POP Inspired Nail Art – طرح ناخن به سبک ستاره های کی_پاپ

If you know me, or saw me on Instagram (@sha.ebra); you know I love fresh nails. I literally cannot sleep if my nails looks ugly.

The nail trend in South Korea is different from the United States. That includes the quality and design.

I visited South Korea before, but I only got a regular manicure and that was not different from any other places. On my third visit to South Korea I decided to treat myself and go out of my comfort zone (by that I mean go crazy 😝).

The prices are based on the locations and the nail art designs. The average price is around $50 to $120. Long story short I found a place called “Pretty Nail” you can find them on Instagram @prettynail_294.4147 – They are located in Suwon, South Korea.

The designed I picked was for $59, but because I changed the design a bit, they charged me $5 more (total $64).

It is around one week that I got my nails done, and I think I can give you guys my honest review.

At first, I was really worried to pay this amount of money for my nails and after few days the rhinestones fall down; but they did a good job on securing the rhinestones with a thick gel top coat. I don’t think they are going fall off anytime soon😅.

I am writing this blog after a week I got my nails done. My nails still look nice and fresh. If you are going to visit South Korea, made sure to put the Korean nail salon on your list because you are going to love it.

Published by Shahrzad

Hi, My name is Shahrzad Ebrahimian, but you can call me Sha.

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