Hum Nutrition – Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me

Hello everyone,

I am finally here to share my experience with you about these HUM Nutrition pills that I have been showing them to you on my Instagram stories (@shahrzad.blogger). In the past few months, my skin was really mad at me. I kept breaking out. I did a lot of research and I came across this brand. I saw it before in Sephora, but I totally forgot about them. On their website, you can take a quiz and based on that, they will introduce you to their products.

I decided to try the “Daily Cleanse” because it is supposed to cleanse skin and body. I read a lot of reviews and I find out that when the first few weeks that you are going to take these pills, your skin will break out; however, after four weeks you are going to have a very clear skin, AND that my friend was really true. When I started to take these pills, my skin broke out, but after few weeks, no more break outs for me. Please keep in mind that each bottle lasts for one month. That means you will need to take these pills for few months (at least two months). You need to take two pills in a day with/without food. I purchased my second bottle.

When I saw the “Daily Cleanse” is working for me, I decided to try “Flatter Me”. Flatter Me helps with healthy digestions and bloating. You need to take one pill, thirty minutes before your meal (total two pills a day). DID IT WORK? yes! With only a day I saw the difference. Please keep in mind that these pills are not helping weight-loss. After few days of taking these pills, I noticed that I have shortness of breath. I was so scared because I thought I got the virus (COVID-19). I even took the test. The result was negative, and I found out these pills causes me that. For ME, I think this pills are good for special occasions (not that they are so many these days).

Have you tried these pills? If so, please leave a comment and let me know what do you think.

You can purchase yours by clicking HERE. You can also find these pills on Amazon. Each bottle is around $25.00

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and happy shopping

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