Beautiful Eyebrows with “Benefit Cosmetics”

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write this blog long time ago, but here we go now. I have been using eyebrow products from Benefit Cosmetics for few years now, and I have to say, all of them are amazing. These four products that I am mentioning in this post are all in number “6”. I have black hair, and number 6 is amazing.

The first product that I purchase is this eyebrow pencil called “precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil”. The tip is thin and makes it very easy to draw hair and fill in your eyebrows. I believe this pencil have wax in it because my eyebrow stay in place until I remove my makeup. Compare to the other brands, this eyebrow pencil never broke on me, and it has a spoolie brush on the other end.

The second eyebrow product that I purchased is called “goof proof eyebrow pencil”. This one is really similar to the first product, but wider. Which makes it faster to fill, or shaper your eyebrows.

The third product is called “ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel color”. I purchased the mini size because I was worried that I might like this product because I usually use eyebrow pencils. This product has a built-in brush (like I showed you in the video bow). The only downside for me is that there is no spoolie brush. I love to shape and fill my eyebrows with cream-gel product and smooth it out with a spoolie brush.

This eyebrow mascara is called “gimme brow + volumizing eyebrow”. I also purchased this in mini size and I love it. I would say this mascara is good to fill in the eyebrows, but not perfect for shaping your eyebrows. It is so easy and fast to use mascara. This is my go to products now.

You can purchase yours by clicking HERE. If you used any of these products, please let me know how you use it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and happy shopping

Published by Shahrzad

Hi, My name is Shahrzad Ebrahimian, but you can call me Sha.

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