How to Deal With Heartburn

Hello everybody and welcome back This past week, I was dealing with bad pains in my stomach. I went to urgent care and they thought it was a virus. I felt nauseous whenever I eat; however, I found out by myself that it is a heartburn. I never experienced that, so I had no ideaContinue reading “How to Deal With Heartburn”

Beautiful Nails

Hello everybody and welcome back I believe my first blog post was about my nails that I got it done in South Korea (click HERE to read). I mentioned in that post that I like fresh manicure and nail polish; however, we need to be more realistic. We don’t always have time to drive toContinue reading “Beautiful Nails”

Moisturizer With SPF 30

Hello everybody and welcome back I shared with you about my “Makeup Essentials for Oily Skin” before, but I was looking for a skincare/moisturizer that I can use daily when I want to hit the gym, or running errands. I found this “Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer” from Olay that also have SPF 30Continue reading “Moisturizer With SPF 30”

Swimwear for Summer 2019

Hello everybody and welcome back I was looking for a swimwear and I found these pieces and I like to share them with you. They are all from H&M. You can click on each model and it will take to their page. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and happy shopping BALCONETTE . PADDED .Continue reading “Swimwear for Summer 2019”


Hello everybody and welcome back I found out about Glossier while I was watching my favorite YouTubers talk about their products. Everything in this brand looks so natural and as I am getting older, I am into more natural makeup looks. Few weeks ago, I purchased the “Boy Brow” from Glossier. This product has fourContinue reading “Glossier”

Flower Home

Hello everybody and welcome back I am pretty sure you know who is Drew Barrymore, but if you don’t know, Drew Barrymore is an actress. My favorite movies that she played in it are “50 First Dates”, “Never Been Kissed”, and “Blended”. She has their own makeup line called “FLOWER Beauty“. I was on myContinue reading “Flower Home”

Hair Accessories for Summer

Hello everybody and welcome back I was browsing on the internet and I came up with different and simple hair pieces that I think are really cute and they are on trend this summer. All you need to do is to click on the brand’s name and it will take you to their page. HappyContinue reading “Hair Accessories for Summer”

The Magical Pink Powder

Hello everybody and welcome back  When I was in high school, I had an acne prone skin type. I had a really really bad acne. I went to different dermatlagists. The pharmacists made me special creams and they gave me pills in order to get better skin. NOTHING WORKED. I have no idea why. AsContinue reading “The Magical Pink Powder”

Furniture Ideas for Breakfast Nook

Hello everybody and welcome back I posted this picture on my Instagram (@sha.ebra) yesterday and I wanted to link everything for you here incase if you are looking for some cute furniture. Just click on the title of each picture below and it will take you to their page. I hope you enjoy it. WestContinue reading “Furniture Ideas for Breakfast Nook”

Makeup Essentials For Oily Skin

Hello everybody and welcome back As I promised, I am going to share my favorite makeup products with you that I use everyday. I will be sharing the products, colors, and the link to each of them, so you can access them easily. In my future blog posts, I will post separate blogs for eachContinue reading “Makeup Essentials For Oily Skin”

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