Shu Uemura – Cleansing oil

Hello everybody and welcome back In this post, I would like to talk review this Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi+ cleansing oil. I have an oily/combination skin (depending on the season), and for me adding extra oils to my face was nerve racking 😂 But then, I saw Korean YouTubers mostly use cleansing oils to remove theirContinue reading “Shu Uemura – Cleansing oil”

K-POP Inspired Nail Art – طرح ناخن به سبک ستاره های کی_پاپ

If you know me, or saw me on Instagram (@sha.ebra); you know I love fresh nails. I literally cannot sleep if my nails looks ugly. The nail trend in South Korea is different from the United States. That includes the quality and design. I visited South Korea before, but I only got a regular manicureContinue reading “K-POP Inspired Nail Art – طرح ناخن به سبک ستاره های کی_پاپ”

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