EKO – Dual Compartment Trash Can

Hello everyone, It’s been few years that I am trying to be good with recycling. I always had one trash can in my kitchen, and not enough space for another trash can for recycling. Thanks to EKO they solved my problem. They have a trash can with dual compartment. It doesn’t get better than this.Continue reading “EKO – Dual Compartment Trash Can”


Hello everyone, and welcome back I had to make a blog post about this wonderful cleaning brand “Method“. I am purchasing their products from Target, and I love them. So far, I tried their dish soap, all-purpose surface cleaner, and hand soap. According to their advertising this brand is clean, cruelty fee, non-toxic, and plantContinue reading “Method”

Dental Care

Hello everybody and welcome back I just wanted to share this amazing toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine with you guys. The first time I used this toothpaste was when I moved to Texas, and I fell in love with it. I have sensitive teeth, and this toothpaste helped me a lot with that. Even better,Continue reading “Dental Care”

Young Living Essential Oils

Hello everybody and welcome back It is almost two years that I purchased my essential oils from Young Living. I have to say, when I moved to Texas, I didn’t use my oils that much, but I really have to get back to my habit because those oils really help with my mood and health.Continue reading “Young Living Essential Oils”

Solution to Your Headaches/Migraines

Hello everybody and welcome back The first time I used heating eye mask was when my sister visited Japan for the first time. She said that her hotel provided these heating eye mask and I had to give it a try. A few days later my head started to hurt and I decided to tryContinue reading “Solution to Your Headaches/Migraines”

How to Deal With Heartburn

Hello everybody and welcome back This past week, I was dealing with bad pains in my stomach. I went to urgent care and they thought it was a virus. I felt nauseous whenever I eat; however, I found out by myself that it is a heartburn. I never experienced that, so I had no ideaContinue reading “How to Deal With Heartburn”

Flower Home

Hello everybody and welcome back I am pretty sure you know who is Drew Barrymore, but if you don’t know, Drew Barrymore is an actress. My favorite movies that she played in it are “50 First Dates”, “Never Been Kissed”, and “Blended”. She has their own makeup line called “FLOWER Beauty“. I was on myContinue reading “Flower Home”

Furniture Ideas for Breakfast Nook

Hello everybody and welcome back I posted this picture on my Instagram (@sha.ebra) yesterday and I wanted to link everything for you here incase if you are looking for some cute furniture. Just click on the title of each picture below and it will take you to their page. I hope you enjoy it. WestContinue reading “Furniture Ideas for Breakfast Nook”

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