Moisturizer With SPF 30

Hello everybody and welcome back I shared with you about my “Makeup Essentials for Oily Skin” before, but I was looking for a skincare/moisturizer that I can use daily when I want to hit the gym, or running errands. I found this “Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer” from Olay that also have SPF 30Continue reading “Moisturizer With SPF 30”

My Skin Routine Before Makeup (Oily Skin)

Hello everybody and welcome back I got so many questions on what makeup products I use; however, before I do that, I want to share the products I am using before I apply my makeup. By the experiences that I have, my makeup looks good when I take care of my skin before I applyContinue reading “My Skin Routine Before Makeup (Oily Skin)”

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