Solution to Your Headaches/Migraines

Hello everybody and welcome back The first time I used heating eye mask was when my sister visited Japan for the first time. She said that her hotel provided these heating eye mask and I had to give it a try. A few days later my head started to hurt and I decided to tryContinue reading “Solution to Your Headaches/Migraines”

Beautiful Nails

Hello everybody and welcome back I believe my first blog post was about my nails that I got it done in South Korea (click HERE to read). I mentioned in that post that I like fresh manicure and nail polish; however, we need to be more realistic. We don’t always have time to drive toContinue reading “Beautiful Nails”

The Magical Pink Powder

Hello everybody and welcome back  When I was in high school, I had an acne prone skin type. I had a really really bad acne. I went to different dermatlagists. The pharmacists made me special creams and they gave me pills in order to get better skin. NOTHING WORKED. I have no idea why. AsContinue reading “The Magical Pink Powder”